The 2021 census is here

Text taken from the 2021 Census Digital Accessibility Leaflet (attached PDF)

In the linked leaflet, you will find all the information you need
to help you get support, whatever your needs.

Census 2021

It informs decisions about the things that matter
to your community.

This leaflet outlines the wide range of accessibility
support available to help you take part in Census 2021.

It’s important to fill in your census questionnaire
because it gives us the most detailed information
we have about our society. You must complete the census by law.

Census data helps inform funding decisions on
public services in your area. Whether it’s planning
new schools, doctors’ surgeries or bike lanes, the
information you share has an impact on the lives
of everyone living in England and Wales.
When should I fill in my census

Census Day is Sunday 21 March – but you can
fill yours in as soon as you get your access code
in the post.

Your answers should be about the people who
usually live in your household on this date – even
if you’re filling it before then.
If your household circumstances change on
Census Day, you can let us know.

Click here to start your 2021 Census