Compost Culture

St. Paul’s Community Development Trust are delighted to be part of a project called Compost Culture supported by funding from The National Lottery Community Fund Climate Action Fund. We will be working with a fantastic set of partners, led by Incredible Surplus, to continue our work developing a closed loop system on site, where our organisation will compost all of the food and other biodegradable waste we produce and use the compost to grow fruit and vegetables. The systems we develop here at St. Paul’s will be a place to look, learn and find out about composting and we’re looking forward to inviting you to events and activities where you’ll be able get involved in this important Climate Action activity.

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Compost Culture is a 2 year project that seeks to change the narrative on compost and support behaviour change. We will do this by partnering up practical, hands on compost and growing initiatives with the production of creative media and storytelling projects that seek to rearticulate compost as something magical, ‘cultured’, relevant & fundamental to how society moves forward. The stories we tell about compost and waste will shape what the city is and what it can become. We will be setting up compost demonstration sites across the city where you can come and take a look at different systems for managing your food waste, attend workshops and see (and eat) the food we are growing with the compost produced. There will also be a range of events and activities to support the project from a touring exhibition to a Festival of Surplus.

The Compost Culture project concept was conceived by General Public & developed in partnership with the wider Incredible Surplus community.

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Partners: Incredible Surplus,  General Public,  The Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS)Balsall Heath City Farm, and Birmingham Friends of the Earth

Get Involved

  • Follow the project on Instagram @compost_culture_birmingham for updates and information.
  • Volunteer at the Incredible Allotments and be part of the project here.

As a volunteer you will take part in:

  • Growing Fruit & Vegetables using organic principles
  • Learning about composting
  • No Dig Gardening
  • Urban Farming
  • Zero food miles
  • Supporting climate action

If you are part of a community growing project or climate action minded organisation/business and would like information about how to compost on site then get in touch by emailing project.incrediblesurplus@gmail.com