Our Wellbeing Programmes are 10-weeks, non-accredited course for women experiencing poor wellbeing, poor mental health management and maybe feeling isolated. It enables the participants to learn about Protective Behaviours in a safe learning environment. The wellbeing programmes are delivered and practised in a practical manner and fits in very well with the NHS’s 5 steps to mental well-being.  The programme is divided into 10 sessions and looks at:

  1. Knowing me, knowing you
  2. Feelings are Feelings
  3. Feelings, thoughts and behaviours
  4. The right to feel safe
  5. The safety continuum
  6. Talking with others
  7. My personal network
  8. Things I can do to feel safe
  9. I can solve problems
  10. Looking into the future

As part of the programme we always incorporate at least one outdoor trip.