A Solihull Approach group for parents-to-be, fathers, partners and family members or friends attending the birth

The group will run for 5 weeks (plus an optional 6th session

How to Book a place: 

Call and antenatal support worker 

 – Rukhsana Rahman (available Tues, Wed and Fri 9am-5pm) 07958 206 120 Or call St Paul’s Trust Children Centre on:  0121 464 6349

What is this group?

This is a friendly relaxed group where you can take time out of your busy life to stop and think about your feelings and how you can cope with your pregnancy, labour and the birth of your baby, what support you need and the practical things that will be helpful to you, such as pain relief, positions in labour and caring for your baby when they are born.

Who would find the group interesting?

Mothers, fathers, partners, and family or friends who will be supporting you.

What will the group include?

Need advice regarding breastfeeding?

Why not attend one of our Virtual Breastfeeding Lounges.

To book, give us a call at at St Paul’s Children’s Centre on 0121 464 6349 or alternatively call Springfield Children’s Centre on 0121 777 2722


For more information on infant feeding,

CLICK HERE to check out our dedicated Breastfeeding page.

We had a midwife join us to deliverthe sessions on labour and birth.