Birmingham Welcomes Breastfeeding

Birmingham Forward Steps are launching a new Breastfeeding Welcome scheme ‘Birmingham Welcomes Breastfeeding’ so that breastfeeding mothers can feel confident to feed when out and about in Birmingham. Any establishment displaying the Birmingham Welcomes Breastfeeding sticker/poster/logo has signed up to the scheme to support mothers to feel welcome to breastfeed on their premises and reassure them that their feeding choices will be respected.

How does the scheme help mothers to breastfeed?

If you are a parent who has had a positive breastfeeding experience in a public venue...

How does the scheme help businesses?

Are you interested in joining this scheme?

Breastfeeding Directory

Breastfeeding friendly venues across the Hall Green District

ST Paul’s Trust Children’s Centre

10 Malvern Street B12 8NN 0121 464 6349

La Brioche Cafe

123 Alcester Road B13 8DD 0121 449 2196

St Paul’s Trust Farm

10 Malvern Street B12 8NN 0121 464 1889

Leaf Lovers Bike Cafe

145 Alcester Road B13 8DD

Sorrento Lounge

91a Alcester Road B13 8DD 0121 442 6623

Coffee #1 Kings Heath

13 - 15 Alcester Road B14 7JJ 0121 444 0594

The Springfield Centre

Springfield Road B13 9NY 0121 777 2722

Costa Coffee

196 Stratford Road B90 3AQ 0121 733 6211

Sparkhill Primary Care Centre

856 Startford Road B11 4BW 0345 111 1310

Prezzo Shirley

Parkgate, Stratford B90 3AG 0121 744 8240

Small World Day Nursery

975 Stratford Road B28 8BG 0121 693 3071

Ice Gem

160 Stratford Road B90 3BD 0121 733 3473

Desco Lounge

25 Parkgate, Stratford Road B90 3BD 0121 744 5482