Please take time to read the linked Annual Report from our friends over at Moseley Road Baths.

It is great to see that despite these times they are going from strength to strength, long may it continue.

Well done to all associated with this historic pool.

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Dear friends, partners and contacts of Moseley Road Baths

We’re really pleased to bring you our Annual Report for 2019-20. This covers the period of our second year as a community run pool and also touches on what we are up to in the current year and future plans. We hope you enjoy reading it!

We are still searching for a new MRBCIO chair to take over from me in due course, so if you can think of anyone suitable please put them in touch with us.

We hope things are going well in your own organisation in these challenging times.

Best regards

Karen Leach


Moseley Road Baths CIO