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Following extensive consultation St. Paul’s Trust has amended its mission and values to reflect the environment we are currently operating in and the challenging financial climate. Trustees are mindful of the move away from community activities and will endeavour to work with other organisations to deliver community events.

If you wish to discuss the changes please contact our Chief Executive David.Cusack@stpaulstrust.org.uk .

St. Paul's 3D Logo

St. Paul’s Community Development Trust had its origins in the desire of people in Balsall Heath to make a better future for their children. It has developed from three small community projects which all began between 1968 and 1972.

One of these was St. Paul’s Nursery, which started as a preschool playgroup in the hall belonging to St. Paul’s Church. Just across the railway line, an adventure playground was opened by residents on the Malvern Street site where the Venture has remained and grown.

The third and youngest of the projects was St. Paul’s School. The School was founded to work with pupils who were disaffected from large mainstream secondary schools. Like the Nursery, it was first based in St. Paul’s Rd, where it occupied three Victorian terraced houses. Like the Nursery, also, the School moved as it grew. The three groups joined forces to establish the Trust in the late 1970s, and from these small beginnings in voluntary endeavour it has grown to be a thriving organisation.


To support individuals and families in Balsall Heath and wider Birmingham to lead healthy and fulfilled lives and make a positive contribution to their neighbourhood and the city”


  • We believe in people. Every person has talent and the capacity to achieve his or her potential.
  • We focus on the need to ensure that every child receives the best start in life, to access education and to on-going support where it is needed
  • We value equally our staff (paid and voluntary) and recognise the talent they have and their passion to deliver high quality responsive services.
  • We believe in partnership working and will seek to collaborate with organisations and stakeholders to ensure high quality services are delivered to those we support.
  • We believe in transparency, openness, delivering value for money, and are accountable to our Board of Trustees, partners and the communities we work with.
  • We aim to be inclusive, to promote and deliver fairness in access to services, use of buildings, and employment