The play service at St. Paul’s is provided from the ‘Venture’ building and surrounding play areas on the same site as the Children’s Centre and City Farm 

The name of the building came from when Malvern street had an amazing adventure playground that evolved in the 1970’s.  

Holiday playschemes have been provided for the local children ever since, the adventure playground has sadly gone but we still believe in the importance of ‘play’ and enable the children to have the space and opportunities to enjoy choice, freedom to play, creativity and fun. 

The after school Playcare service began in the 1990’s when ‘The Nest’ that was originally run by parents, moved from premises in Moseley to St. Paul’s. We are proud that it has achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted in May 2017. 

Aims and Mission

Our Aims and Mission was developed with Staff, Parents and Children.

Learning and Development

We follow play-progress of Children in Reception

Parent Information

Click here to download our Parents Handbook.

Current Fees (PDF Download)

Our current Fees Structure and Payment Information. (PDF Download)