Newman University is delighted to be working with St. Paul’s Community Development Trust to give our students real-world work experience working with parents/families experiencing challenging situations in their lives.

Newman Partnership

Project Manager Ian Fellows said “HLSM agreements such as this will expose our students to working with forward-thinking ethical organisations, broadening their horizons and enhancing their chances of success once they graduate. We are very grateful to St. Pauls for agreeing to work with us in this mutually supportive way”.

David Cusack, CEO of St Pauls Community Development Trust said “We are delighted to be entering a partnership with Newman University which will help their students prepare for the world of work and support a number of families who need a helping hand through difficult times. St. Paul’s sees this partnership as a positive way of enhancing our work in Balsall Heath and surrounding areas”.

The Higher Levels Skill Match Project is an ESF-funded two year project which aims to bring local employers and universities together.  In addition to Newman University, businesses can also work with Birmingham City University and Aston University and through a single dedicated account manager can tap into the resources of all three.

To find out more see www.newman.ac.uk/hlsm