We are delighted to share ‘Get Balsall Heath Reading’ has received the Community Award, for People with Passion 2020.

The lack of literacy impacts individuals and their families for generations. Adults with poor literacy skills struggle with employment, social inclusion, social mobility, self-esteem and struggle to support their children’s learning. And so, the long tail of disadvantage continues from one generation to another.

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This strand of Get Balsall Heath Reading was a project between Smartlyte, St. Paul’s CDT and Approachable Parenting; who recognised this and aimed to make a difference. Smartlyte’s targeted work improved local families’ social, democratic and cultural literacy. Parents could then move onto parenting programmes and / or access volunteering opportunities with St Paul’s. The project was celebrated for its impact and collaboration.

At a lovely celebration event held at the grand Birmingham Council House, we met organisations and individuals, all trying to make a difference, in their communities.  The excitement built as the Lord Mayor, Mr Mohammed Azim arrived wearing his Mayoral regalia. Just as he was escorted into the room, he was welcomed by our selfie board, after which there was only one conclusion! Do enjoy photos of our selfie board meeting everyone and do take a look at Twitter for more pics.

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David Cusack, CEO of St. Paul’s CDT said “This is brilliant news and a clear example showing the impact of collaborative work. What a fantastic way to start the New Year!”

Hafsha Shaikh

Smartlyte Ltd


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