St. Barnabas Nursery has been a part of the St Paul’s nursery provision for 11 years. The service that the team have provided to children and parents has always been excellent and a real credit to St. Paul’s.

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In December 2018 Trustees of St Paul’s carried out a review of the organisations’ business activity and took a decision based on financial considerations to dispose of St Barnabas nursery. This was a very difficult decision but made easier as the manager of the setting Noreen Khan proposed that she take over the business under a new company. Trustees accepted this proposal.

Therefore the business will transfer as will the staff to St Barnabas Nursery on 1st April 2019. Chief Executive of St. Paul’s Trust Dave Cusack said:

“This is both a sad and happy period for St. Paul’s, we are sad to see the team leave us but the alternative to a transfer of the business was closure therefore we are pleased that Noreen has taken this big step and all of us wish her and the team well. We will continue to work with St Barnabas and I want to thank the team for their dedication to St. Paul’s.”

St. Barnabas Nursery Manager Noreen Khan said:

“I’m excited to be taking over St Barnabas Nursery as my own business. I can’t ignore the fact that St Paul’s has given me this opportunity and confidence to take such a huge step. The support and personal development opportunities that were afforded to me were second to none.

I would like to thank each and every individual who has helped me in my 10 years as a part of the Trust. I know I will still be able to count on you for support, advice and guidance! I wish St. Paul’s Community Development Trust every success and hope to continue to work with you in the future!”

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