FLB Party 1

Our Family Learning English group had a lovely party last week, with all parents bringing a dish to share. 

This group has families from 11 different countries. Our Christmas party was really a celebration of cultures and new friendships. This was reflected in the range of dishes that we shared from sandwiches, pakoras, Dorka – a Kurdish steamed vegetable and meat with a rice filling, shredded cabbage wrapped in pastry, semolina halwa, spinach pakoras, biscuits, cakes and fruit.

Families decorated animal masks as we reflected on our previous weeks’ work of reading and understanding the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ Children added sound effects to our story as our Hen walked around the beehive in the farm with further effects added by the video of nursery rhymes and cartoons.

Both parents and children looked very smart in their party outfits with many mini Santas! 

As part of our continuing commitment to encourage reading, we requested Santa and his Elves leave all the children books as their gifts. Two of our mums are expecting their first babies in the near future and it was lovely for these parents to receive their first books for their babies.

The group commenced five weeks ago. Each week parents learn new English skills to not only support their own learning, but also learn how these skills can support their children’s learning.

Parents are encouraged to continue their learning at home with activities that they can complete with their children. 

FLB Party 3

During the sessions parents practise their language and presentation skills by sharing ‘Wow Moments!’ from the previous week. It has been inspirational to see the parent’s enthusiasm and confidence grow over the weeks as they share moments that have made them smile and laugh over the week.

These have included moments where their child has recognised their own name, wall hangings, and pictures that their children have made, to sharing their excitement at successfully resolving their benefits claim.

New friendships and support networks are growing as they each help each other; particularly those parents who are new to the area. We look forward to starting back in January with a range of activities planned including a visit to the new Library.