FLB Lets Just Do It 1

As the first month of the year draws to a close, so many of us have started to lose the positivity and hope we felt at the start of the New Year. The New Year resolutions we thought so long about before we made our ‘promises’ slip away and carelessly we allow them to go. We make our excuses. “I can’t do it” “It’s too cold this month, maybe when the weather is better”. We learn to berate ourselves. “I should have gone for a walk” “Why did I just eat that?” and “I’m just useless.”

So, how do we recapture that joie de vivre and hope we felt, as we bid farewell and saw in the New Year? How do we press reset and get back on track?

Firstly, let’s talk nicely to ourselves. Those inner voices that tell you it can’t be done, need to be silenced and shown the back door now! Let’s change how we talk to ourselves. Instead of “I should have gone for a walk” or I should have applied for that job” Let’s change these for “I can” or “I will,” “It’s not too late, I can still do this.”

Don’t forget the power of self-talk. One of my favourites is “Shoulders back and red lippy on!” It might not suit everyone, but you get the picture. Positivity also radiates from how we see ourselves. Does your imaginary mirror reflect a sad face and droopy shoulders? Does it say I have no self-confidence or self-worth?

And finally, learn to love yourself. You are beautiful. You are brave. You can do this.

Together, we won’t wait for 2018. A new month is a new start. Let’s say those promises out loud again and start again. For those of you who joined or returned to a Family Learning class, maintain your self-improvement plan and those of you who are thinking about it, it’s not too late. Come and join us.

Today let’s commit to our promises. Let’s sing like no one can hear and dance like children, with no care for rhythm or rhyme. Let’s just do it.

Hafsha D Shaikh