FLB Average Friday 1

Following our visit to Balsall Heath Library last week, the Family Learning English group have started reading and enjoying the books they have borrowed. This, together with the fact that some of the book reviews have gone live on our website, (http://www.stpaulstrust.org.uk/get-balsall-heath-reading) made it timely for the group to start thinking about doing their own book reviews.

As parents ambled across to Bookshare, our on – site library, to choose books to read with their children, the children’s excitement was almost too much to contain!

As the famous saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Take a look at the pictures below and imagine the conversations happening…

As I reflect back on some of the conversations I heard, the following are a few excerpts which I just have to share: 
– “I like green.“
– “I like the bear book. This is mummy,daddy and Oday”
– “What book shall we read next, mummy?”

The above provides a brief insight into our sessions. There’s always so much laughter and joy! It was delightful to see parents joining in and being a part of our #GetBalsallHeath reading campaign. The families are completing their reviews and these will then be part of our book reviews gallery. Make sure you check them out!

Earlier in the session parents used their negotiation and communication skills to decide on a time to visit the Library of Birmingham as a group. It was lovely to sit back and observe their language skills as they discussed and arranged where to meet and shared the practicalities and challenges of travelling on public transport with pushchairs.

Another excitement was the group agreeing to communicate via email. I look forward to the group sharing their blogs, stories and ideas with me – via email!

Until next week. Hafsha