The lists were made
The plans were done
The venue booked
The presents were packed 
And the outfits all sorted.

Then Mother Nature showed her hand.
It snowed. It snowed. And it snowed.
Large fluffy flakes, stubborn and indignant as it gathered.

Snow Days are here!

Our plans went adrift.
The party hastily cancelled via WhatsApp, SMS and Viber
Still the fun was there to be had.

Pat after pat
Balls were rolled shaped and lifted.
Eyes carved, lips painted.
Scarves found and wrapped tight
Adults became children
As they tossed and tugged owning their Snowman.
Photos posed and snatched quickly in Memory Banks

Then inside we tumbled
To hot drinks and biscuits,
our books from the library
A snuggle and a snooze
And a hope
Maybe our party tomorrow…

Hafsha Shaikh 
11th December, 2017

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