Covid19 Phased Reopening Of St. Paul's

St. Paul’s Community Development Trust is beginning the phased reopening of services. Our nursery at Malvern Street is now open and is working with parents/carers/staff to manage the return of children over the next few weeks. We are open to discuss admissions for the new September 2020 term.

Please contact the nursery on 0121 464 1886 if you wish to discuss a place for your child.

The senior school has now reopened with the return of year 11 pupils and this will be followed by the reintroduction of other year groups over the next few weeks. Again parents/carers and staff are being involved on the reopening of the school.

Chief Executive Dave Cusack said: “This has been a very difficult period for both staff and families affected by the Covid19 lockdown. We recognise the stress of closure of our services on households and are pleased that we are now slowly and safely reopening to children. I want to thank all staff for their work through this period and for being positive about the phased reopening.”

Further information will be available on other services over the coming weeks.