As part of the school’s review of behaviour management, the new Deputy Head teacher, Fiona Bilsborough has introduced a new pupil points system, centred around achievement of targets to include:

• Uniform
• Attendance
• Personal development
• Vocational

Pupils can achieve a total of 60 points based on achieving their targets. 

Points = Prizes

Which can include:

Maximum of 60Pick a small prize out of the prize box
Hit 60 points 3 or more times, end of term trip
40 points or moreEntered into the enrichment programme on a Friday afternoon (details below)
Below 40 pointsFix up / caring for your environment
Pupils to complete work missed during the week
Become an active citizen taking care of the school site (e.g. litter picking, cleaning windows, fixing broken benches, looking after the allotment area etc)

Enrichment Programme to include the following activities:

• Rush activity centre
• Creation climbing centre
• Football
• Cooking
• Cycling
• Swimming
• Gym
• Board games

The pupils are demonstrating a positive engagement with the new pupil points system, all striving to be entered into the enrichment programme as opposed to the fix up programme!