We are so proud to announce that two of our pupils have managed to reach the finals of the Next Generation Awards (NGA). NGAs have been designed to engage young people in Birmingham to become active citizens who contribute positively to Birmingham’s future! The competition is for schools within Birmingham to think of an idea that could improve their local community spaces. Pupils could win up to £1500 to spend on their idea.

NGA Awards 2018

Pupils were tasked to investigate what they liked and disliked about Birmingham. Pupils debated about what would be useful to them in Birmingham and what would be sustainable as an idea.  Pupils began by forming a team- The Dream Team!  Each child played a role in the group and learned about teamwork and leadership skills. Pupils began their research by surveying members of the public.

Many of our pupils at St Paul’s have complex social and emotional needs and it was here that their fantastic idea was born.  Pupils decided they would like to see more inclusion for children with hidden disabilities.  We pride ourselves in Birmingham by being part of a multicultural society and pupils wanted to take this one step further and looked at putting Equality and Diversity into practice.  Pupils came up with the brilliant idea of creating a Sensory Space in Birmingham so that children with similar difficulties could access quiet areas.  We spoke to members of staff at St Phillips Cathedral who were only too pleased to work with us.

On Friday 22nd of June pupils Jack, Mckobie and Sam presented The Dream Team’s initial idea to members from The Next Generation team who visited St Paul’s School to hear their proposal. We were delighted to get through to the semi-finals on 17th July 2018, and much to our surprise and sheer delight Jack and McKobie have made it to the Finals.

The award ceremony is tonight, with pupil’s involved attending with staff.

NGA Awards 2018