St. Paul’s has welcomed two students from Germany who are with us for the next five months.

Charlotte and Kathi come from Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart) and the Northern Black Forest and are here as part of their respective degree programmes working with children, young people and families. Their German university have a partnership with Newman University in Birmingham who have worked with St. Paul’s for a number of years.

Asked why they chose St. Paul’s for their placement they both said that St. Paul’s work in Balsall Heath was ”very complimentary to their studies and they felt St. Paul’s  could offer them a learning experience that was holistic and would enable them long term to work in a range of organisations that deliver children and families services”.

Chief Executive David Cusack said “We are delighted to host Charlotte and Kathi at St. Paul’s and to offer them a high-quality learning experience while they are with us. I am pleased they chose us and these placements strengthens our relationship with Newman University”.

Charlotte and Kathi