Meet the Team

All staff working within our Nursery are fully checked for suitability through interviews, references, identity and criminal records checks.  

We provide all staff with ongoing training and development opportunities, and the team is structured to support and supervise staff within their roles. We have volunteers and students working alongside staff.

Many of the staff members of St Paul’s Community Trust are able to speak to you or your children in a number of languages.  If an interpreter is needed we will do our best to find somebody who can help.

Key Persons

Every child in the setting is assigned a key person who will build a close relationship with you and your child.  The key person is responsible for liaising with parents, ensuring the individual needs of each child are met and updating records as appropriate.

To ensure consistency for every child and ensure that their needs are fully met when key workers are absent, staff members work closely together within a team and step in a colleagues absence.